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Mobile Shelving - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 How Does Mobile Shelving Work?

Mobile shelving, or roller racking as it is sometimes known, is most effective in saving space as it eliminates the need for several access aisles. Because the shelving moves along floor tracks, the space for only one aisle is needed. When an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and moving the mobile shelving units apart creates an adjacent aisle. Mobile shelving is opened and closed by pull handles, hand driven mechanical systems or electric motors with push-button control.

Can you help me make the best of the available space?

Yes! We offer a free site visit, design and quotation service. One of our experienced sales team would arrange to visit you and discuss your specific storage requirements, measure the available space and then provide you with a quotation including a drawing detailing our exact specification.

What is the delivery time for mobile shelving?

We are able to offer an ‘off the shelf’ mobile storage system that is available within 7 - 10 working days. This is limited to certain sizes that are kept in stock. The large majority of our shelving systems are manufactured to a customers exact requirements and usually are delivered within 4 - 5 working weeks, sometimes quicker if possible.

How do you fit mobile shelving?

Mobile shelving and roller racking systems are installed quickly and easily using pre-formed components, do not require fixing to the floor and are laid directly onto existing flooring, even carpet tiles. This eliminates the construction work associated with older, conventional mobile shelving systems, resulting in minimal disruption to your workplace during installation. A grid of tracks and beams is quickly laid and levelled to provide a level and secure foundation for the mobile bases. Tongue and groove floor panels are then laid to provide an attractive, hard wearing finish and then conventional shelving (constructed to meet your exact requirements) is mounted onto the mobile bases.

Is the mobile shelving heavy to move?

A gearbox located within the mobile bases maintains a safe operating load required to move the shelving. The gear ratios can be adjusted to suit the loads needing to be moved. These systems are designed to be used frequently and with little effort.

How safe is it to operate mobile shelving?

Mobile shelving has many safety features built into its design. Each rotating hand wheel has a push / pull locking mechanism located at its centre. This means that as a working aisle is opened, the mobile units ether side of the open aisle can be locked by pushing in the centre boss. This stops any of the mobile shelving units being moved while personnel are working in the open aisle. When the aisle has been vacated the locking boss is pulled out and all the mobile bases are then free to move as required.

Can I lock up the mobile shelving at the end of the day?

Virtually all our mobile shelving and roller racking systems (except the Slide a Side system) are lockable. We have many clients who need the ability to lock sensitive paperwork away at night or restrict access to specific individuals. This can be done by fitting a key lock to one of the rotating hand wheels or by fitting a simple foot lock to the last mobile base. Either way, the mobile shelving can be rolled together and completely locked.

Do you provide a maintenance contract?

Yes. Each mobile shelving system comes with a full one years manufacturers warranty. We do recommend an annual inspection be carried out by one of our trained engineers. Tracks are cleared of debris and the complete operating mechanism is inspected and adjusted if necessary. All our installations come complete with operating and good house keeping notices for users of the mobile system.

Can I relocate the mobile shelving if required?

All our mobile shelving and roller racking Installations are relocatable. One major benefit of our systems is that they are modular. Not only can they be easily dismantled, moved and re-erected, they can also be altered in size. So if the space they need to be relocated to is different to it’s old location, the system can be added to or reduced to fit.

Are you able to relocate an existing mobile shelving system?

Yes. We would hope we would be able to move or relocate an existing system. This would be dependant on the age and condition of the system. Please call to discuss.


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